Trustees shall be elected as provided by Article IX of the Constitution
To be eligible to serve as a Trustee, a candidate must have been member of the Church for at least one year. Trustees shall be elected for a term of service of three (3) years and shall be eligible for a second three year term. Trustees who have served for six consecutive years shall be eligible for reelection after a period of one year has elapsed.
1.      The Trustees shall represent the Congregation in legal matters, including signing contracts, sale of property, negotiation of loans and other documents as directed by the Congregation in Business Session. Trustees shall have no power to act independently of Congregational direction in any legal matter. The Trustees shall act in cooperation with the Pastor, the Administrative Team and the Congregation to facilitate the overall ministry of the Church.
2.      In no sense, shall the Trustees, individually or collectively, function as a “Church Board” exercising supervision over personnel, ministries or activities, nor having oversight over financial matters.
3.      The Chairman of Trustees shall be nominated by the Administrative Team and elected by the Congregation on an annual basis, preferably in the January Regular Business Meeting. To be eligible for election as Chairman of Trustees, the candidate must have served as a Trustee for a minimum of one year, having demonstrated gifts for leadership, administrative ability and working in cooperation with the Pastor and other Team Leaders. Upon election, the Chairman of Trustees shall  be listed as President of the corporation on official state documents and reports, and shall assist the Pastor as Assistant Team Leader of the Administrative Team.
   February 2019   
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