T.E.A.M. Ministry - the Basic Concept


Together Experiencing A Ministry
The Basic Concept
The following is an edited digest of the TEAM concept in general and the Team Task Descriptions presented here for information only. The Manual of Policies and Procedures is the official document governing Teams and their responsibilities..
A “TEAM” is a group of individuals organized and empowered to:
  • assess needs for specific areas of the church’s ministry
  • establish priorities
  • set policies (or recommend policies to the Congregation for approval)
  • devise strategies
  • oversee and evaluate events, programs and other activities in their specific area of responsibility
TEAMs are more open than committees. Only the Team Leader is actually "elected" by the Congregation. With few exceptions, anyone (church member or not) may join a team simply by attending the team meetings and making a positive contribution to the specific ministry of the group. (The exceptions are the: Administrative Team, Pastoral Advisory Team, Stewardship Team, all of which handle confidential information. Additionally, only members of the church are permitted to serve in teaching positions.)
"TEAMs" are, in most cases, given more freedom in the expenditure of financial and other resources without the requirement of seeking Congregational (Business Meeting) approval for every detail. The allocation of funds – working within the Annual Ministry Budget adopted by the Congregation - is discussed and coordinated by the Administrative Team members, with the Church Treasurer and Pastor taking the lead in the decision making process.


   February 2019   
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